Oana Marin Torocica – 19 years old Romanian Prostitute and Theft now in London


This is Oana Marina Torocica – citizen of Romania (Bacau city I guess). She is living now in London. She is common prostitute and theft . She was renting room in our house , didn’t pay rent and run away leaving huge mess which cost £ 250  to clean. As far as we know she was working as prostitute (self employed and escort agency in Wood Green).

Oana Marina Torocica – Romanian Famous Prostitute form London

Oana Marina Torocica came to live with us in 2018. She was telling us stories that her brother and sister died , mother live in France (Bordeaux) .  After some time, she said she don’t have enough money to pay rent as she gave all money to her sick mother. We allow her to pay in next 2 weeks. She did not. She live with us for another 2 months and one day , having flu, she run away at night without a word. We noticed that after 6 days of her absence.

Oana Torocica 19 years old prostitute from London and Romania.

We didn’t know Oana Torocica is a prostitute. She said she was working in hotels, each week different. We understand she is employed via some kind of agency. We are working a lot and house was almost all the time available just for her.  After Oana Marina Torocica run away, our neighbour in quick chat in front of our house told us that she was bringing home her clients for one or 2 hours. He saw that dozens of times as his room windows is few meter from our doors.  That wasn’t ok with us and we told her that, so she decided to work for escort agency in London Wood Green and usually driver was coming to pick her up to her client. That was huge improvement for us. Before that time she was doping all used condoms in our toilet blocking it.

Oana Marina Torocica – theft prostitute from Bacau in Romania now in London.

Oana run away with £ 800 unpaid rent , £ 7000 of stolen cash form our drawer , 1 MacBook Pro laptop (bought for £ 2500 2 years ago), 2 brand new EVGA RXT 2080 Ti graphics cards, boxed (£ 1400 each) . If anybody know Oana Torocica under that name, please do not rent room for her. She is loved in Albanian man which probably is helping her with robbery . We couldn’t meet him but we think he may be her pimp or even he is pushing her to steal money . We reported Oana Torocica to Met Police and provided all her photos, evidence etc.