How to Create Marketing Personas for Business

Quick ‘How to’ : Create Marketing Personas for Business

When is about online (or any) business it is good to create marketing personas. It is crucial element of successful digital campaign as well as other ways of classic styles of making money. Getting know your audience is a must. You don’t want to get with your product to people, for which it wasn’t created. Imagine how many types of people live around us or somewhere else. There are poor, medium class and wealthy people. All of them have different requirements and needs. For that purpose you want to create marketing personas for business.

What is Marketing Persona ?

A marketing persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience. – quote by Ardath Albee

Basic Marketing Persona Template

When creating marketing personas for business you can go simple or very advanced. Both types are good. You should start simple to generate general persona which is characteristic for wide group of people. By adding more details to basic marketing person, you are narrowing your audience. By doing this, you divide your clients into characteristic groups . Each group is a bit different , so you can use different marketing method to get to them your product.

How many marketing persona should be created ? Yes. That is quite important question. As a business owner you have idea to get with your product to as many people as possible and there is quite few types of personas around. All of us are different.


How many marketing persona should be created ?

How to Create Marketing Personas for BusinessIt is common idea to create three to five marketing personas as representative of your audience. That number is good enough to describe majority of your audience and at the same time small enough to bring uniqueness of that crowd. Online you can find loads of templates (paid and free) which can fit to your type of business.

When creating good marketing persona template , you should point who the person is, what are his values as well as what language to use to get to him. Just look on yourself. How do you speak with a young lad that live next to you and how do you speak with your mother or grandmother, with your boss, priest. You are still the same person, but the message and tone of your voice is different right ? The same is with your audience. You can find different personas among the crowd you are trying to get to.

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