Programming Classes

World is changing. You may need programming skills now or in near future. Programming isn’t that hard. It’s like learning new language but with limited dictionary. All programming languages have very similar rules. If you understand one, you probably would understand others too.

I am offering personal programming classes in London Wood Green but as we are going to work mostly online, those programming classes for beginners can be done in entire London, UK or even World !

Programming classes for Beginners in London

My name is Seweryn and I am a regular guy with beloved wife , few cats and passion for IT. To be honest I am addicted to IT. After over 20 years of experience with programming, I have decided to share my knowledge as many people do not understand or are scared of programming.

With my programming classes for beginners in London and Wood Green, you’ll be able to understand languages like PHP, Java or I can teach You HTML and CSS so you can make your own website. It is up to you what you chose.